Hot Tub Cleaning

Hot Tub Cleaning

Relax & Retreat offers a variety of hot tub cleaning services to serve our customers in the Dallas area. From basic hot tub cleaning to premium BioFilm purging services, we have the perfect package and product to fit your needs.

Our exclusive relationship with various hot tub and chemical manufacturers gives us the advantage of using hot tub cleaning products that cannot be purchased at any big box retail store. Take a look at our available hot tub cleaning service options, because you deserve a clean spa!

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Hot Tub Cleaning

Cleaning Rates

Basic Drain & Fill Starting at – $199

This includes sanitizing the plumbing before draining, pumping out the old water, wiping down the interior shell, refilling with clean water, and balancing the water.

Super Purge Drain & Clean – $349

This includes everything the “Basic Drain & Fill” does with the addition of; Using a proprietary BioFilm removal product during the flushing process, deep cleaning your filter, cleaning and conditioning of your cover, wiping down the cabinet of your hot tub, and a 12-point checkup on your hot tub electronics and their function.

Bi-Weekly Maintenance – $75*

This includes a technician coming to your house every other week to perform actions such as; Balancing and shocking your water, cleaning your filter, and netting floating debris from the surface of the water.

*Price is based on every two weeks and the monthly cost is $149. Two month minimum is required. Includes chemicals.