Signature IV

Far Infrared 4 Person Sauna

  • SoloCarbon® patented technology
  • Premium Sound System
  • Far infrared heaters
  • Programmable Timers
  • Chromotherapy included: Healing with lights and colors
  • ENJOY VS. ENDURE: Offers a comfortable, gentle heat that is enjoyable for the entire session and leaves you feeling invigorated, light and energized


Primary Specs
Weight 693-779 lbs
Exterior Width 80.9"
Exterior Depth 56.1"
Exterior Height 77.7"
Interior Width 74.8"
Interior Depth 50"
Interior Height 70.3"
Electrical 240 volts, 2,750 watts, 20 amps. Plugs into a dedicated 240v / 20 amp outlet.
Outlet NEMA 6-20

Wood Type


Eucalyptus Cedar


Proven Highest Quality & Quantity of Far Infrared Light

To deliver health benefits like reduced blood pressure, weight loss, and detoxification, saunas need to emit high concentrations of infrared waves—not just heat.  Solocarbon heating panels are the Sunlighten secret sauce.  Our patented heater design combines a large surface area, emissivity and infrared power.  


The design of a Solocarbon heater allows for most of the far infrared wavelength to be near 9.4 microns, which is the level at which the human body absorbs infrared energy.  This is also the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates. This vibration causes a release of cellular toxins.  Emissivity is the ability of an object to emit or absorb energy.  A perfect black body has an emissivity of 1, emitting 100% of infrared energy.  An object with an emissivity of 0.6 will absorb 60% and reflect 40% of the energy. For infrared therapy to be successful, sauna heaters must have a high emissivity level to deliver a high concentration of infrared waves.  As your body absorbs high levels of infrared, it begins to heal at the cellular level. Without high emissivity, a sauna may produce heat, but it won’t provide healing infrared. Sunlighten Solocarbon FIR heaters are clinically proven to be 95% emissive.  This is why Solocarbon panels are the only far infrared heaters clinically shown to raise core body temperature nearly 3° for the most detoxifying sweat, lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure and aid in weight loss.


Premium Sound System

Create your favorite relaxing playlist or even listen to the radio on the built-in sound system.



There are infrared saunas on the market with high-wattage, red halogen bulbs that create an incredibly hot experience. This technology is neither beneficial (because it doesn’t emit the optimal infrared frequency) or enjoyable for the end user.  An extremely hot environment can make it difficult to stay in for the full session.  One of the many reasons why our customers love Sunlighten infrared treatments is because of the comfortable, gentle heat that is enjoyable for the entire session and they know they are getting the full benefits because it is proven to deliver the highest dose of infrared energy that the body can absorb.   Layer on ART and it feels like heaven.


After a Sunlighten infrared session, you will feel invigorated, light, energized, and ready to come back for more.  Sunlighten is an addiction you can feel good about.

family in sauna